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The basis of my art is to uncover what is inside; beneath the accumulation of layers. As a direct sensory response of my emerging subconscious, each painting is a semi-involuntary expression further deconstructed into a correlating narrative. The form, shape, movement and decay of each figure form the subjects in my work while the process is essential to the context that defines them. I render faceless, primitive carnal figures as they surface through the persistence of memory. I explore the unlimited configurations in my imagination using mixed media: spray paint, acrylic, oil, ink, pen, pencil, marker, crayon, pastel, wax, etc. The forms are abstractly expressed on overlapping planes layer upon layer creating depth and volume. Lines intersect and purposely skew and offset the perspective causing positive and negative space to compete. I then scratch, scrape, sand, tear and peel the layers digging for a precise articulation of line, color and texture to manifest as they are meant to be. The bodies are represented as a figurative landscape of sorts transcending any semblance of physical reality, but may still appear representational. The standard anatomy of each figure is negated and renegotiated into colliding and interlocking shapes to form a continuity of movement through the implication of their lines and weight. The organization of the forms, the identification of the subject through the process and the balanced arrangement within their respective composition is my sole objective. Though my art is process oriented, I work through a painting until it feels done; until the desired end result is realized. That is as far as the analysis of my own work goes. I leave further interpretation to the viewer.

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