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bio: condensed


Chapter One: Born. New York to Miami. Chapter Two: Taking things apart. Building. Drawing. No one gets me. Encyclopedias. Nature. Synthesizers. Curiosity. Rooftops. Voyeurism. The ocean. Chapter Three: School sucks. Graffiti. Skateboarding. Punk rock. Mixtapes. Drawing. Girls. Jolt Cola. The mall. Pretending. Chapter Four: Miami to New York. Real graffiti. Culture shock. Cultural awareness. Fine Art vs. Lowbrow. Books. Philosophy. Museums. Writing. Jazz. Vinyl. Reckless abandon. French cinema. French Women. Joie de vivre. Religion(s). Basements. Jose Camacho. House on the Summit. Wildwood. Cape May. Nudes. Sketching. Painting. Writing. Chapter Five: New York to Miami. Subculture. Painting. Gallery of Unknown Artists. Uncle Sam's Records. Bands. Churchill's. Roberto Interian. Don't see the point to college. Chapter Six: College. Relationships. Existentialism. Poetry. Writing. Mentors: Carol Levy and Sandra Winters. The Masters. Painting. Sculpture. Group shows. Coffee and cigarettes. Europeans. Rolling tobacco. Wine. Cognac. Heartbreak. Chapter Seven: New World School of the Arts. Sanctioned graffiti. Conceptual Art. Concrete. Found objects. Printmaking. Sociopolitical commentary. Publishing. Controversy. Installations. Photography. Polaroid. Super 8. Vintage. Experimental music. Partnerships: John Espinosa and Bert Rodriguez and David Brieske. The house on Biscayne Bay. Chapter Eight: Digital media. Graphic Art. The crossroads. Career. Advertising. Money. Wife. House. Car. Bills. Pets. Babies. Cigars. Ego. Divorce. Chapter Nine: New York. Lather, rinse, repeat x3. Chapter Ten: In progress.

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